a preview!

Here is how the music/art presentation is shaping up…take a look:

*Tickets are now available for the OS events in Philadelphia and Boston. If you don’t want to miss out I encourage you to purchase tickets sooner than later as space is limited. Proceeds from tickets sales will go towards the three featured art programs.

OS Philadelphia – Thurs. April 4th – 7pm @ The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA). Tickets available at outsidesound.bpt.me

OS Boston – Tues. April 9th – 7pm @ Somerville Armory (191 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA). Tickets available at outsidesoundboston.bpt.me

Music will be performed alongside featured artwork, art will be on display and for sale, and the mission + background of the art programs will be discussed. Refreshments will be served/available. Please contact Chris Coyle with any questions…DSC_0529


seanFullIt is December and Outside Sound is in full swing. Several visits have been made to each of the three art programs and much has been accomplished – sounds have been recorded, interviews and workshops with handicapped participants have taken place, artwork has been photographed, and a general excitement about this project has been accumulating. From the musicians’ end, we have begun the process of recording original pieces of music written for selected artwork. Soon we will post some samples of the music to come and in the spring we will release more details about the public events. Stay tuned!

Public Concerts/Events

The two public events for Outside Sound have been scheduled. I’m thrilled that we’ve secured two great venues that are known for holding community oriented events. Featured artwork will be displayed alongside the corresponding musical pieces and there will be a silent auction and sale of other works by artists from Oasis, LMVTC, and Outside the Lines…Mark your calendars! Thursday April 4th, Outside Sound will be feature the Philadelphia artwork and music at The Rotunda in west Philadelphia. Tuesday April 9th, OS will feature the Boston artwork and music at The Armory in Somerville.

welcome to outside sound: the beginning

Greetings! Please take the time to read through the pages on this site to learn about this wonderful, progressive project. On the ‘About’ page you will find a thorough explanation of the project, who is involved, and why it is happening.  The ‘Art Programs’ page introduces the three art programs involved. By clicking on the ‘Support’ page you can find out how you can contribute to, follow, or spread word about Outside Sound. And on the ‘Links’ page you can find more information on a number of different people and organizations.