We can use your help! Additional funding and promotion for the project will help immensely. If you’re interested in OS and would like help to make it a success there are several things you can do:

Donate: Donations will be used to help facilitate and improve the public events, art booklet, and workshops that are part of OS. They will also be used to promote OS and to compensate the handicapped artists themselves for their work. Making OS a success will help carry the project into the future beyond 2013, to more art programs and deserving artists. Any amount at all is helpful!

Please contact Chris Coyle directly if you would like to make a tax deductable donation.

Get Involved! Attend the public events, make a visit to one of the art programs, and follow the updates on this website to get the latest information and updates on the project.

Promote: If you’re an artist, art educator, special needs caregiver or if you just like the mission of OS, please help spread the word by sharing this website or telling people about the project. Any media or online attention is very beneficial so if you think you can be of help in those departments please be in touch.

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